t▓o education(6) Cultural rights(7) Environmental right

the Information Office of the State Council publish▓ed the National Human Rights Action Plan o▓f China (2012-2015) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). It is China's second national plan on human rights since the promulgation of▓ the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009

of the person(2) Rights


-2010) in April 2009. The formulation▓ and promulgation of the National Human Rights Act▓ion Plan is an important step taken by the Chinese government to honor its solemn commitment on human rights, to ensure the implementation of the constitutional principle of respecting and safeguarding human rights and to advance China's human rights in a

comprehensive way.Local governments at various l▓evels and the relevant departments of the central government and state organs have attached▓ great importance to the implementation of the Action Plan. Based on the principle of

of detainees(


"each performing its own functions and sharing the work and responsibilities," they have incorporated the Action Plan into th▓e work plans of their regions and departments and adopted effective measures to implement it based on mid- and long-term work plans in their respective fields. Enterprises and public in▓stitutions, mass organizations, social groups, media organizations, academic and research institutions and the general public have also been actively involved in publicizing and implementing▓ the Act

  • 3) Right to a fair trial(4) Freedom of religious belief(5) Right to be infor▓med(6) R
  • ight to participate(7) Right to b▓e heard(8) Right to overseeIV. Ri
  • gh▓ts of Ethnic Minorities, Women, Children,
  • the Elderly and People with Disabilities(1) Rights of ethnic minorities(2) Women's rights(

3) Children's


rights(4) Senior citizens'

ion Plan. Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, and ▓with the joint effor


rights(5) Rights of ?/h4>

ts of all parties involved, all▓ targets and tasks set by the Actio▓n Plan have been fulfilled as scheduled.As stipulated

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